Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Brandys (Ms. Ela) with some of her students
Dr. Brandys-O’Neill (Ms. Ela) with some of her students

“Young people can learn from my example that something can come from nothing. What I have become is the result of my hard efforts.” – Franz Joseph Haydn


A devoted and passionate teacher, Dr. Brandys-O’Neill is attuned to the individual needs and desires of the students. Her passion as a teacher is to work with flute students, increase their motivation, confidence, and help each reach his or her full potential and talent to the highest level. She believes in a well-balanced musicianship training, which includes musical and technical/skill development with emphasis on music theory and music history. During lessons she focuses on how to play with good and healthy posture, finding freedom in tone production, technique, articulation, expression, musicality, sight-reading, concert and orchestral repertoire, and how learn to practice efficiently. In addition to weekly lessons, performance opportunities are available to all students. Studio flute master classes are offered once per semester. Students are encouraged to participate in Studio Flute Recital, which happens twice per school year. First in January and second in June.