Audition Booster Program

Is your child preparing for a large ensemble audition, district audition, or competition, and is unsure how to prepare or practice for it?

Does your child feel overwhelmed with audition preparation and where to start? 

Do you want your child to be successful and feel confident during the audition—even if they don’t happen to win?

Do you and your child want to:

Win a spot in a prestigious ensemble?

Feel confident performing the audition repertoire?

Have a positive and healthy experience?

My Audition Booster program will prepare your child mentally, technically, and physically to have a successful audition experience.

How the Program Works:

  • During the week, I will ask your child to record video or audio assignments for me of their audition repertoire. I will send a video or audio feedback evaluation explaining what your child will need to correct or improve. 
  • In addition to their private semester lessons, we will schedule a 30-min. online Zoom practice session each week to work on their rep, and to help your child learn to practice more efficiently when they are alone
  • You can sign up for the Audition Booster at any time during the semester so long as you are at least 2 months out from the audition. In special cases, I will accept a student into this program 1 month out from an audition if they are willing to work extremely hard.
  • While you can sign up for Audition Booster in the middle of a semester, I recommend that parents sign their child up for this service at the beginning of the semester, as audition preparation is best done gradually. 
  • Note: You must first be registered for private lessons in my studio to sign up for this service.

Get Access to the Audition Booster Program Now

  1. First, register for private lessons.
  2. Then, purchase access to the Audition Booster program below.
  3. Watch your inbox within 24 hours for next steps.

Price: $1,000 for the Spring 2024 semester

Don't like it? Let me know within 14 days of purchase
and I'll refund your money in full.

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