Pricing and Lesson Packages

I offer several different forms of lessons for children 8-12 years of age that you can browse below. Your child can study with me online via Zoom from anywhere, or in-person (I live in Cambridge, MA USA in the Greater Boston Area). If you're wondering whether online lessons will work well for your child, read my 12 Tips to Studying Flute Online.

Before studying with me, you should understand my teaching philosophy and approach. If you're a parent still researching how to choose a teacher, I also published a free Parent's Guide to Choosing a Flute Teacher for 8-12 Year-Old Children. Whether you work with me or not, I hope it helps you find the right teacher for the young musician in your life.

Private Flute Lessons

Each Fall and Spring school semester, I offer multiple lesson packages for individual study with me.

Group Lessons

For parents who want their child to learn in a small group setting, I offer group lessons each Fall and Spring semester.

Flute Ensemble

My flute ensemble is available only to existing students in my studio who want to join a musical group consisting of multiple flutists playing repertoire together. Unlike lessons, where we focus on fundamentals, this is an ensemble is focused on developing the group's musicianship and learning to play repertoire written for multiple players.

Audition Booster Program

A special add-on available to existing students in my studio seeking to improve their chances of winning an upcoming audition. Past students have won spots in NEC (New England Conservatory) Prep. and Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra ensembles.

Music Theory Accelerator

A special add-on available to existing students in my studio who want to learn to read notes faster, count rhythms more accurately, and play the flute in tune with help from a live instructor.

Summer Private Lessons

Includes flexible scheduling for families taking vacation.

Download the free “The Parent’s Guide to Choosing an Online Flute Teacher for an 8–12 Year-Old Child”

In addition to adding you to my mailing list, my free guide is going to help you answer a few questions on how to choose a flute teacher for your 8-12 year-old child including:

  • What to look for when your child is a total beginner
  • Deciding when your child is old enough to take flute lessons, and how long they should be
  • Understanding the chemistry that should exist between your child and teacher
  • How to approach trial lessons, and the guarantees and assurances you should get from your flute teacher before you pay them anything
  • What to look for in a teacher’s degree or credentials - and if it matters