Music Theory Accelerator

Is your child great with sight-reading notes on the flute, but struggles with rhythm…or vice versa?

Is your child curious about what arpeggios, scales, intervals, or chords are and how to write them?

Are you unsure what music theory your 8-12 year-old flute student needs to learn to accelerate their playing?

My instructor-guided music theory training will help your child read notes faster, count rhythms more accurately, and play the flute in tune.

Understanding music theory is essential to becoming a holistic flutist and musician, but there is simply not enough time to cover all the music theory details during your child’s private flute lessons.

Learning notes, rhythms, and musical vocabulary is like learning a new language, and it needs consistent repetition and practice. Do you want your child to quickly learn to identify notes, read music, and become excellent in counting rhythm? My Music Theory Accelerator is customized to your child’s current ability level and is best used as a supplement to your private flute study:

Improve your:

  • Rhythm
  • Note reading
  • Time and key signatures
  • Scales/Intervals/Chords
  • Ear Training

Learn to:

  • Accelerate reading notes and become great in rhythm
  • Accelerate sight-reading skills
  • Accelerate learning of new pieces
  • Become well rounded music student

How the Program Works:

  • You must first be registered for private lessons in my studio.
  • I will assign lessons and quizzes for your child based on their needs using the online platform
  • Your child will see what tasks they need to complete when they log in to their account
  • Unlimited access to me via email is included if you have questions about assignments
  • Note: This program is free for students studying with me under an Ultimate lesson package.

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