Practice Pal Program

My free program to encourage and motivate students to practice.

How will this work? Each student is going to be matched with another student from our flute studio to meet and practice together. Students will meet once a week for one hour at a time that your child and your Pal agree to. You can choose to work on scales, a duet, work on a project of recording a duet, or play pieces for each other. If you choose to work on a duet, I will choose a duet for you to work on. 

Benefits of having a practice partner: 

  1. A practice buddy makes practicing more fun
  2. Musical growth - because you are learning from each other 
  3. Improvement in collaboration and communication skills
  4. Improvement in leadership skills - improving how to lead and how to play a supportive role  
  5. Learning how to stay encouraged, motivated, and committed 
  6. Confidence building - promotes confidence playing in front of other people  
  7. Friendship

I met a friend who plays the flute.

“I like to be part of the Practice Pal Program because I get to share my progress and what I have learned with my flute pal (someone else than my teacher)... We learn things together and thanks to this program I met a friend who plays the flute.”

Giulia Vitolo, current student, Newton, MA

Want a practice pal for your child?

Email me for details.