Download The Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Flute Teacher for an 8–12 Year-Old Child

8-12 year old flute students

Do all the flute teachers in your area look the same and are you wondering, how to choose the best teacher for my child?

Are you wondering if your 8-12 year old is old enough to begin learning flute?

Do you wonder whether your child should start taking private flute lessons in addition to band class?

Are you unsure whether your 8 or 9 year old can handle a one hour lesson?

My free guide, “The Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Flute Teacher for an 8–12 Year-Old Child” will help you answer these questions so you can make the best decision possible for your young, aspiring musician. My name is Dr. Ela Brandys-O'Neill, and I have been dedicating my life to help children learn to play the flute and bring their potential to the highest level, even if they decide not to become professional musicians. While my flute studio for children in grades 3-6  is located near Harvard University near the border between Cambridge and Boston, I wrote this guide to help families all over the world learn how to make an informed decision about choosing a flute teacher during middle childhood. Some of the topics I cover include:

  • Deciding when your child is old enough to take flute lessons, and how long they should be
  • Understanding what type of flute is appropriate for children 8-12
  • Understanding the chemistry that should exist between your child and teacher
  • How to approach trial lessons, and the guarantees and assurances you should get from your flute teacher before you pay them anything
  • Does the teacher’s degree or credentials in music matter
  • How to handle a fickle child who you’re not sure will stick with the flute

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