Summer Flute Ensemble

Does your 8–12 year old child play the flute, but mostly just alone?

Do you wish their flute study involve social interaction with other kids?

Is your kid curious about school band or orchestra—or do they just want to be part of a group?

What if your child's summer meant:

  • They had access to meet with other flute peers of their age?
  • They stayed motivated to practice this summer?
  • They improved their flute skills through playing in an ensemble?
  • They learned how to play and collaborate in an ensemble setting?

Introducing my Summer Flute Ensemble for Children 8-12 Years Old:

I’m excited to introduce a summer flute ensemble optimized for children ages 8-12 based in and around Boston, MA. Performing in a flute ensemble is one of the most fun, rewarding, and enjoyable musical experiences a musician can have. In addition to developing important musical skills, your child can also build relationships with other musicians. 

What is a flute ensemble?
A flute ensemble is a musical group consisting of multiple flutists playing repertoire together. Flute ensembles can include any combination of flute, such as piccolo, C flute, alto flute, bass flute, and contrabass flute. They range in size from two flutists (which is called a duet) to 10 or more flutists playing together. 

Benefits of participating:

  • Children learn how their own flute playing contributes to a group's success
    Playing in an ensemble requires active listening, counting rhythm, and playing in tune. Students are learning to produce rhythmic accuracy and clear dynamic contrasts while maintaining appropriate blend, balance, and intonation with others. Playing in a group helps children develop performance skills such as how to play together, technique, timing, and expression. Because there may only be one or two players per part in the BFL flute ensemble, your young flutist will gain valuable independence in playing.

  • Development of social skills with music
    Your child will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other flutists of similar ages and abilities, which can help build friendships and a sense of community.

  • Exposure to repertoire not covered in most private lessons
    Our ensemble repertoire exposes children to music ranging from classical to popular, which broadens their understanding and appreciation of different styles of music

  • Improved creativity
    Collaboration with other musicians can foster creativity and inspiration, leading to new ideas and approaches to music-making

  • Increased self-confidence
    Playing in a group can help boost your child’s confidence in their own abilities, as well as provide constructive feedback from other musicians. Because your child will be working on parts that other kids are working on, it gives them motivation to keep up if they’re behind, or to become the teacher if they’re ahead.

Program Info, Dates and Pricing

Who is the BFL Summer Flute Ensemble for? Who can join?
The BFL Summer Flute Ensemble is open to all current and former students registered with the Boston Flute Lessons.

  • If you meet the above criteria, you can register below.
  • If you are not registered with Boston Flute Lessons and your child is between 8 and 12 years old, please email me regarding the next steps.
  • If your child is older than 12 years old and would like to be part of a flute ensemble, I will be happy to welcome them into the ensemble based on their level of playing. Please email me regarding the next steps. (In some situations, I may permit children outside this age range).

Location (Yes, it's in-person!)
All sessions are in person at my studio: 7a Haskell Street, Cambridge, MA 02140, near Davis Square. 

Summer 2024 Weekly Session Dates and Times:

  • Duration: 4 sessions once a week, for 1 hour, starting the week of June 3, 2024.
  • Dates: Once the students are registered, the ensemble will meet in person on an agreeable day/time that works for everyone
  • Final Concert/Performance:  The ensemble will have an opportunity to perform outdoors in a park. Date and Location TBA.
  • No sessions the week of June 17 – 24

The first (5) students to register will receive the early bird price of $299. After that, pricing will increase. Participation is also subject to my BFL Studio Policies. If you’re not ready to sign up yet, join my mailing list for future announcements and reminders.

Registration Is Now Open

Please note that registration ends June 2nd.

Questions? Contact me.

Can't attend this time? Get notified via email about future programs.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for new students: If following the first session you or your child are not totally satisfied, I will refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.


What if your child needs to miss a session due to summer vacation?
I realize summers are busy. If your child needs to miss a session, the student will be given instructions on what to practice and prepare for the next rehearsal meeting. There are no make-up sessions.

Is the ensemble going to have a performance?
Yes. The ensemble will have an opportunity to perform at the outdoor peroframnce in a park. Date and Location TBA.

Will the ensemble teach my child to play the flute better?
The flute ensemble is not a replacement for flute lessons. We do not cover the fundamentals of flute playing, and instead focus on ensemble playing. You can combine the ensemble with private lessons.