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Dr. Brandys with some of her students
Dr. Brandys-O'Neill with some of her students (June 2015)

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Parents: If you are inquiring about lessons, please tell me a little about your child, including their age, musical experience (if any), and anything else you feel may be relevant.

"Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same." - Franz Schubert

Download the free “The Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Flute Teacher for an 8–12 Year-Old Child”

This free guide is going to help you answer a few questions on how to choose a flute teacher for your 8-12 year-old child including:

  • Deciding when your child is old enough to take flute lessons, and how long they should be
  • Understanding the chemistry that should exist between your child and teacher
  • How to approach trial lessons, and the guarantees and assurances you should get from your flute teacher before you pay them anything
  • Does the teacher’s degree or credentials in music matter
  • and more

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