Dr. Brandy's instructing a student
Dr. Brandys-O’Neill’s instructing a student

A devoted and passionate teacher, Dr. Brandys-O’Neill is attuned to the individual needs and desires of the students. She believes in well-balanced musicianship training, which includes musical and technical/skill development with emphasis on music theory and music history. Her passion as a teacher is to work with students of all levels, increase their motivation, confidence, and help each reach his or her full potential. While bringing their talents to the highest level as musicians in a safe, encouraging, and positive environment, Dr. Brandys-O’Neill intends to prepare them for the professional world. Please explore this website to learn more about Dr. Brandys-O’Neill’s flute studio.

Dr. Ela Brandys press photo
Dr. Ela Brandys-O’Neill, Flute Instructor

“The flute lessons with Ms. Ela are fun and mind opening” – Coco Cheng (CATS Academy Boston, grade 10. Currently an undergraduate student at Stony Brook University in flute performance & psychology)

“I am so glad for the flute lessons with Ms. Ela because after only one year of lessons I was ready to try out for districts auditions!”- Eileen Tucci (grade 7, Ottoson Middle School)

“Ms. Ela’s flute lessons are supportive, enthusiastic, fun and also being wonderfully instructive.  Our daughter Alice improved greatly after only a few lessons.” – Amy Moyer

“Lea, my daughter, loves going to flute class with Ela Brandys. This is what Lea said about her: ‘She is kind and patient, when I have trouble with something she always says it’s OK, let’s try again, she always encourages me. I also enjoy my duets with her.” – Myriam Alaoui