I help children from ages 8–12 develop their music and personal skills through the flute.

Ela teaching a flute lesson to a student online

My daughter has made tremendous progress...Dr. Brandys-O'Neill is highly skilled at teaching.

"My Daughter has taken Dr. Elzbieta Brandys-O'Neill's flute class for more than two years. She likes it very much and has made tremendous progress. Dr. Brandys-O'Neill is a gifted musician and highly skilled at teaching. She is very patient to students and very good at assessing a student's abilities and interests and adjusting her lessons accordingly. She always makes her lessons fun and challenging. Thanks for the great lessons and I highly recommend Boston Flute Lessons!"

Bin Zhao headshotBin Zhao, Parent
Belmont, MA

Dr. Ela is an expert […] patient and enthusiastic about our daughter's journey

"My wife and I are fortunate to have found Dr. Ela. As a professional flutist, she has high standards but meets our daughter where she is and connects with her. Our daughter is in her third year of lessons at Boston Flute Lessons, and we notice that she continues to enjoy the classes and has complete trust in Dr. Ela. She has honed in our daughter's musical abilities and inspires her to be a better flutist. We have witnessed our daughter develop a more profound interest in playing the flute, and now she chooses to practice without encouragement. We wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Ela at Boston Flute Lessons."

Fredson GomesFredson Gomes, Parent
Medford, MA

Ela was a big reason my daughter could continue with flute lessons despite sports and school work.

"Ela is a fabulous teacher! My daughter had Ela since her 3rd grade until she graduated from high school. I believe Ela was a big reason she could continue with flute lessons despite of busy schedule of sports and school work. Highly recommended.”

Rina Summers, Parent
Arlington, MA

My daughter Anna loved studying with Ela who is an excellent teacher!

"Ela is an excellent teacher! Her passion and enthusiasm for music and flute is compelling. My daughter Anna played with Ela for several years and really loved studying with her. She made lessons instructive, interesting and fun. Thank you, Ela, for the wonderful lessons!"

Alena HornakovaAlena Hornakova, Parent
Arlington, MA

8-12 year old flute students

Do all the flute teachers in your area look the same and are you wondering, how to choose the best teacher for my child?

Are you wondering if your 8-12 year old is old enough to begin learning flute?

Do you wonder whether your child should start taking private flute lessons in addition to band class?

Are you unsure whether your 8 or 9 year old can handle a one hour lesson?

My free guide, “The Parent’s Guide to Choosing a Flute Teacher for an 8–12 Year-Old Child” will help you answer these questions so you can make the best decision possible for your young, aspiring musician. My name is Dr. Ela Brandys-O'Neill, and I have been dedicating my life to help children learn to play the flute and bring their potential to the highest level, even if they decide not to become professional musicians. While my flute studio for children in grades 3-6  is located near Harvard University near the border between Cambridge and Boston, I wrote this guide to help families all over the world learn how to make an informed decision about choosing a flute teacher during middle childhood. Some of the topics I cover include:

  • Deciding when your child is old enough to take flute lessons, and how long they should be
  • Understanding what type of flute is appropriate for children 8-12
  • Understanding the chemistry that should exist between your child and teacher
  • How to approach trial lessons, and the guarantees and assurances you should get from your flute teacher before you pay them anything
  • Does the teacher’s degree or credentials in music matter
  • How to handle a fickle child who you’re not sure will stick with the flute

To access this free guide, please enter your email address below, and I'll email you the guide:

Over a five year period my development was substantial…Ela genuinely cares about her students.

"I liked that Ela always challenged me to be a better flutist. I would often arrive to our lessons with a mindset that I couldn't play a certain piece. However, Ela always told me that I WOULD do it and that challenged me and definitely made me a better flutist. It is one of the things I appreciate the most about her teaching. Over a five year period my development was substantial: when I started in 6th grade I knew two notes and now recently I have played Andante et Scherzo by Louis Ganne and Fantasy by Gabriel Faure. When I started lessons, I hated sight reading. Over time Ela, somehow, actually taught me to love sight reading! I highly recommend Ela! She genuinely cares a lot about her students and their progress. Ela is an excellent and compassionate teacher."

Isabella Miettinen-GarrettIsabella Miettinen-Garrett
Former Student
Arlington, MA

Registration for Spring 2021 is Now Open!

I'm teaching online and my Spring Semester registration is now open. Browse my spring lesson packages and read my parents' guide to making online flute lessons effective.

Fall/Spring Private Flute Lessons

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About the Studio

The most crucial foundation for developing a young child's musical talent and full potential is introducing the child to the flute and music in a healthy, positive, encouraging, and fun way. Your child doesn't have to become a professional flute player to learn to play the flute well.

As a parent, your goal is probably to expose your child to the flute, to music in general, to have fun learning the flute, to develop confidence and discipline, or to get a head start on preparing them for the school band or orchestra. If these are you and your child's goals, I am here to help you.

Lessons with me at Boston Flute Lessons go beyond the flute (or piccolo). My focus is on teaching children in grades 3–6, and we use music and the flute to develop life skills such as:

  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Learning to express oneself
  • Improving focus and attention
  • Body coordination
  • Develop patience
  • Building confidence
  • Providing an activity for the parent/child to participate in together
  • Develop appreciation and love for music

If you're interested in lessons for a child at the age of 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12, you can view my packages and pricing, or email me to inquire about lesson availability.  My studio is in Cambridge, MA just across the river from Boston, MA. Due to COVID-19, all lessons are taking place online via Zoom.


"Thank you for being an amazing flute teacher! You are so meticulous and passionate, and I have learned so much under your guidance. Also, you are incredibly kind and fun to be around. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher!"

Zoey Lafaso (age 16, grade 10, Cambridge, MA)

"Ela is always encouraging and supportive, and can explain concepts in many ways so that I understand. I have improved so much studying with her and think she is a wonderful teacher!"

Alex Colety (age 18, grade 12, Arlington, MA)

"Thank you so much for the past four years and more, when I was still just an elementary schooler. I have come such a long way in my music journey, and it is all thanks to you."

Hannah Summers (age 18, grade 12, Arlington, MA. Undergraduate Student at Brandeis University)

“The flute lessons with Ms. Ela are fun and mind opening”

Coco Cheng (CATS Academy Boston, age 15, grade 10. Currently an undergraduate student at Stony Brook University in flute performance & psychology)

"Ms. Ela's flute lessons are supportive, enthusiastic, fun and also being wonderfully instructive.  Our daughter Alice improved greatly after only a few lessons."

Amy Moyer (Alice, age 9, grade 4, Arlington, MA)

"Lea, my daughter, loves going to flute class with Ela Brandys. This is what Lea said about her: 'She is kind and patient, when I have trouble with something she always says it's OK, let's try again, she always encourages me. I also enjoy my duets with her."

Myriam Alaoui (Lea, age 8, grade 3, Arlington, MA)